King of Punching

King of Punching is a punching game that goes back to the root of fighting games, but with a little of the flashy nonsense you expect from modern games. There is no jumping. The game is based on high and low guesses and counter-hits.


Arcade mode with frustratingly cheap AI
Local VS mode
4 totally radical characters with totally tubular super moves
Super cutting edge high-tech graphix and music
Configurable controls and gamepad support


Thousands of years in the future all the planes of existence have crashed into one another. Demigods now live on this mangled plane with humans and demon alike. There is one advantage, though; everyone forgot about violence. The world celebrated relative peace until two brothers got so angry one day that they invented punching, seeing as they had no other outlet for their anger. Steve, the older brother, went around punching everybody which reintroduced punching to the masses. Johnny chose the opposite path, and realized that Steve’s rampage would thrust the world into an era of violence, so he taught people how to punch in order to defend themselves.

Years later when punching is wide-spread, a mysterious man named Stu sends messages to all the most powerful punchers to get together and test their strength.

Show me your destiny

Download King of Punching va Game Jolt

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